This is the largest and one of the most important client’s services we provide covering Federal, State, Local Government Department/Ministries/offices as well as large and small companies, partnerships and individual businesses of every type. Our audit approach is based on a systematic evaluation of client’s internal controls together with analytical review of the financial statements. This approach highlights:
  • Location of where vital relevant and effective controls necessary for the flow of accounting information should exist
  • Identification of Missing and ineffective controls and risky areas where more audit work should be concentrated
  • Facilitating the preparation of letter of weaknesses to management detailing the weaknesses in the company’s accounting system and suggesting methods of improvement
  • Liaise with the state office of the Auditor-General to ensure the successful implementation of External Audit
  • Review of current external audit practices in the state public Project Appraisal Document (PAD) and project implementation schedule
  • Develop a detailed action plan for appropriate and relevant audit reform, capacity building Business review
  • Review and revise external audit practices and process as in line with government business processes, including materiality setting techniques, auditing on payroll and major procurement and auditors report format
  • Develop and install modern audit techniques including the computerized assisted audit techniques (CAAT&JAVA) that are adaptable to the Federal or state’s needs
  • Produce audit manuals
  • Conduct training
The firm maintains a strict code of conduct as regards confidentiality and independence. Members of staff are expected to keep secret the affairs of the firm and its clients at all times. We develop accounting and audit packages for specialized industries some of which are:
  • Federal, State, Local Government Departments/Ministries
  • Organization and Catering
  • Hospital and Clinics
  • Insurance Companies
  • Agricultural and Agro – allied Concerns
  • Manufacturing and Trading Concerns
  • Investment Holding and Dealing Companies
  • Chemical and Colour Laboratory Concerns.
Our professional work is conducted strictly in accordance with general accepted accounting, auditing and reporting standards and the International Accounting Standards adopted in Nigeria as well as the disclosure requirements of the companies Act 1968 (In case of companies) and Manual of operation of the Commission. Where special terms of Reference or different scopes of work are defined, these are strictly followed but such that the limitation do not impair our ability to report on minimum compliance with generally accepted accounting and auditing standards.

The firm runs a separate unit which provides advice and assistance on a wide variety of accounting matters including:

  • Developing of procedures and forms by which the clients can organize input information for more efficient processing. Encouraging the clients to handle internally as much of record keeping functions as possible.
  • Assisting clients accounting staff to finalize their accounts.
  • Establishing sound basis for maintaining accounting records and preparing clients year end accounts for those records.
  • General accounting and book- keeping and preparing periodic and annual accounts
  • Accounting policies
  • Financial management and assistance including preparation of proposals for finance
  • Payroll services- preparation and submission of statutory returns, control of deductions
  • Internal audit services on a periodic basis
  • Management accounts preparation
  • The provision of information for management
  • Review of current accounting practices.
  • Investigate the nature of existing Charts of Accounts and confirm whether this conforms with general acceptable National and International standards and requirements
  • Develop a Standard Charts of Accounts and other information requirements in line with generally acceptable proposals and guidelines.
  • Introduce new classifiers such for introducing MYBF
  • Review existing business process of the Treasury Department.
  • Developing effective business process
  • Conducting a general review of the existing internal control environment, including the effectiveness of internal audit, due process and other internal control variables and make recommendations for improvement
  • Training of managers and staff on accounting standards, budget execution and reporting, as well as the importance of internal audit
  • Preparing Budgets, cash and profit forecasts, quarterly reports etc.
  • Assessment of the existing budget tradition and machinery
  • An examination for the existing roles and responsibilities for budgeting, economic planning and expenditure control, including the identification of bottlenecks that have constrained budgeting
  • An assessment of skills gaps in budgeting and economic management
  • Establish the framework and basic infrastructure and staff capacity for the analysis and screening of capital expenditure proposal
  • Determining immediate training needs of managers and staff responsible for budgeting and recommend training institutions to deliver further training
  • Pre-production expenditure analysis and
  • Expenditure capitalization
  • Acquisition mergers and sales
  • Stock exchange and statutory regulations with which Nigeria Enterprises advice on exchange control regulations, Nigeria Enterprises promotion Law, Security and Exchange regulations.

Our management consulting practice operating as Sulaimon Associates Limited; provide an independent but complementary service to clients and other companies in all aspects of management. Our staff currently includes Accountants, Economists, System Analysts, Marketing specialists and Agricultural Experts. We assist in reviewing and establishing management problems as well as designing and implementing prescribed solutions. More emphasis is placed on implementation without which benefit of studies cannot be realized.

Our services include:-


Review, design and implementation of accounting and related system including   inventory control, office organization and methods – arrangement, installation and monitoring of accounting costing, budgetary and management information systems.


  • Financial operations, appraisal, capital restructure and financial and corporate planning
  • Loan management services, appraisal, monitoring, utilization and Liquidation of funds.
  • Financial advice on retainer basis.


  • Advice on production planning and control, factory layout and production documentation.
  • Advice on store – layout, stock and physical controls.


  • Market research and related studies of industry’s product.
  • Preparation of economic studies appraisal and feasibility studies.


  • Executive selection recruitment and secondment of staff for most areas of business
  • operations and management
Method and organization study, job evaluation, supervision and remuneration studies.

In view of the ever increasing role computers play in the provision of data for management information decisions, we have a computer system service division.

Our computer division is manned by data processing specialist with a wide range of experience who can provide advice on all aspects of computer work. They all have varied working experience as programmers, Analysts, Accountants, or systems consultants with honours and higher degrees in computer sciences. The following are the range of services we provide:-


Review of the requirement for data and information processing areas of application and the benefits to be derived prior to the introduction of new equipment and its supporting organisation. This entails carrying out feasibility studies of computer application options as well as reviewing the existing systems.


  • Assisting in the selection of the computer configuration most suited to clients present and future needs
  • Detailed specification of user requirements
  • Preparation of invitation to tender to vendors
  • Evaluation of tenders for equipment and packages
  • Detailed contracts negotiations


In the absence of suitable program packages, our system analysts and programmers undertake the development of a suitable Computer System. This assistance will include :-

  • Preparation of systems and programming parallel running
  • Programming and program testing
  • Testing of the system overall and parallel running
  • Preparation of user and operation manuals
  • Training of users in the operations of the new systems.


In selection of a computer configuration, we are often required to participate, and provide project management for the implementation process.

This involves:-

  • Establishing a project planning and control system
  • Supervising site and procurement preparation
  • Supervising hardware procurement and installation
  • Developing suitable organisation structure and conditions of services for the computer department.
  • Supervising the final testing and installation of packages or custom built programs, and
  • Assisting in the recruitment and training of computer personnel.


Our assistance in ensuring a well run data processing operation include:-

  • Setting operational standards and procedures
  • Maintenance of live application programmes and packages
  • Management of computer installations
  • Secondment of operations staff to run installation
  • Processing of clients data on a turnkey basis using outside computer bureau


We offer computer accounting bureau services for a wide range of general applications such as stock control, payroll, fixed assets control, general ledger management and financial accounts etc.

Our specialized services application includes the following:-

  • Public utilities –billings and customers accounts for electricity, water rates and local rate
  • Internal revenue board – taxes etc.
  • Banks – customers accounts
  • Supermarkets – stock balance etc.
  • Investment holding companies – financial data


Our teams of system Analysts and programmers assist as a follow – up services, to monitor the activities of the computer installation as well as ensure continued suitability of the procedures. Such assistance will include:-

  • Review of organisation, operation and security arrangements.
  • Review of application
  • Resource management review

Computer audit, involving the use of computer audit packages for file interrogation