Financial services undertaken by Sulaimon & Co. Charted Accountants includes;
  1. Financial Investigation The types of investigation undertaken can be broadly classified as follows:
    • Statutory
    • Acquisition
    • Forecast
    • Forensic
    • Sundry
  2. Accountancy Accounting work performed is in line with the clients’ specific requirements in addition to routine bookkeeping services, special accounting work (including computer based accounting) is undertaken to construct and correlate historical accounting data into meaningful analysis from which accounts and financial statements can be drawn.
  3. Audit The scope of an audit is determined by the legislation , the auditing standards and rules governing the body to which it relates, however the auditing techniques adopted are of the highest standard and incorporate
    • Authoritative Accounting and auditing
    • Adoption of advance accounting concepts, internal control and systems audit
    • Flowcharting and planning
    • Evaluation of internal controls of an EDP
    • Environmental audit
    • Analytical review techniques
    • Internal auditing
    • Risk evaluation audit
    • Value–For–Money based auditing
  4. Taxation and Tax Management Services The reputation of Sulaimon & Co, was partly built around the quality of the firm’s taxation advice. We take pride in that and aim to further our reputation by providing specialized and useful tax services to both our corporate and non-corporate clients. Specific areas include;
    • Preparation of income tax and capital allowances computations for submission to the tax authorities.
    • Obtaining Acceptance Certification in respect of qualifying capital expenditure incurred as the basis for granting capital allowances claims;
    • Handling all queries on financial statements by the tax authorities on behalf of clients
    • Negotiating with Tax Office and agreeing the clients’ liabilities;
    • Obtaining Tax Certificate for clients
    • Computing Capital Gains Tax and agreeing them with the relevant tax authorities;
    • Back duty investigation;
    • Tax planning in the most effective way;
    • Preparation of Fixed Assets Register.